For all domestic orders inside United Arab Emirates:

We do deliver all orders inside United Arab emirates that have been placed and paid through the website for %100 free of charge within city limits. No any custom or delivery charges will be added. Please make sure that you have supplied a correct working mobile phone number while checkout.

All local orders will be packing using transparent nylon. Kindly check well the material before accepting it from the delivery people.


For all international orders includes GCC countries:

Since we can accept to process orders to worldwide then there aren’t an accurate way to calculate the shipping costs immediately without overprice our rates. We will just add minimum of $3 per KG for all international orders but that isn’t final. We will keep looking for the best rate for you and in case the rate to your country cross $3 per KG then we will ask you for additional payment to cover the differences in shipping. Or give you an option to cancel and refund your order.

Custom Duty: Please note that Vellato Tex won’t pay or handle or even control the custom duty charges at your country. If you do have certain restrictions that you want to avoid inside your country please contact us and explain about how to prepare the invoice and packing in order to cross easily your local custom boarders. We will do our best to cooperate.

All international orders will be packed according to international shipping law by attaching original invoice with our official company stamp. We maybe fold the fabric to decrease the volumetric weight. If you do require the fabric to be delivered on rolls then kindly inform us, we will do it for you but that will soar the shipping rate due to irregular volumetric packing.

All international invoices (Except GCC ones) will be attached with USD invoice.

You as a customer is responsible for providing us a valid city limit address in order to deliver your package on time. if any problem happen that result to bounce back the package to us then we will forward all the round trip shipping charges to your account. We also have the right to destroy the package at the destination country.