Returned items

Here at Vellato Tex warehouses we do store the fabric as rolls. Each rolls come with almost 50m length material. That means whenever we receive one value order from you then we have to perform cutting on our own stored rolls and change the length of it according to your requirements. Once our labor perform the cut then we consider the order is processed and none refundable. But we still can look into details when according to the following rolls:



We do accept cushion return in case it is from our stock not customized cushion made especially for you. You have to return it in perfect conditions without using or open the original packing. You also will be responsible for two ways shipping costs.



Although we perform cut to our fabric but we do understand that a mistake maybe happened by you or your staff while ordering so we can look into return claims within two weeks after delivery.

Kindly check the color/pattern/length or the ordered fabric before performing any treatment on the received fabric. If you find it is our mistake or delivery mistake then immediately take action by taking photos of the received package and inform us what the problem by email. We will handle all and everything related to our part mistake with an apologize gift.

If it is your mistake by ordering and in case your order is from our stock (not customized) and it is less or equal to five meters then we don’t accept return enquiries.

If you order more than five meters per cut and you still want to return it. We will accept that after receiving the original material by mail. After that we will check the condition of the fabric and apply two meters penalty plus shipping cost to your account then finally refund the balance amount to your account.

Our responsibility is only our fabric. We don’t handle any responsibilities due to irregular storing or packing the fabric by you. We also can’t accept any claim after applying the fabric to sofa even if it is our fabric problem. Kindly check the fabric very well before using it.


Customized printed or embroidered fabric:

We can match your %90 request for the inks or thread used to make your customized order. We do customized orders with allot of caution and we seek your approval on every and each step before processing. We still believe there will be a very slightly differences on the final product and the agreed colors due to patches coloring and the difference resulting from photos and real products. Kindly do your best to make your customized ordering a really successful experience by us.

If the color is our mistake we will do the replacement for you. But as for fabric used we do accept to hold the responsibility towards our Vellato fabrics. Any third party fabric is not our responsibility even if we or our labors damage it. So kindly try to order your customized orders through our wide range of Vellato fabric or you can choose from our preexisting embroidered patterns or printed pattern. Or just order less quantity as a sample at the beginning then proceed to your bulk orders.


Custom made sofa and curtains:

We accept return by applying %50 penalty for the custom made sofa or curtain. Any round trip shipping costs should be handled by client.


As a general rule:

You can’t cancel your order after placing it. Or to be much more accurately after we do process it. If you regret after your order then inform us. We will check the processing progress and inform you. Maybe you are still safe and get %100 refund in case we still didn’t start processing your order.


Color and weight differences:

The biggest obstacle to the online textile industry is the color and weight requested. We do understand that selling online for such items isn’t an easy task. So the only way is to request some sample in advance and check it perfectly before taking the action and place orders.

You as a customer should understand that there are a slightly differences for the color and weight from the actual received material in comparing to the advertised one on our website. Always take care for ordering for your balance job and inform us that this order B should exactly match the order A. so we will do our extra caution to process your second order from the same material used to process your first order.