Fabric cost

We can print on the following fabric qualities:
Fabric type Price per meter Samples Fabric Width Printable Width
Off withe canvas 14110 $5 Similar material of Vellato 14110 156 cm 148 cm
Shinning Velvet 14100 $5 Material used at Vellato JAMO books 638 150 cm 145 cm
Satin 502 $5 Material used at Vellato hanger 712 150 cm 145 cm
Chenille 503 $7 Material used at Vellato book 711 or Embroidery book 557 145 cm 140 cm
Muted Velvet 601 $5 Material used at Vellato books 632, 633, 634 150 cm 145 cm

If customer order by roll then the price of the material will be %30 off the above listed price (Above plain material prices are only applicable for printing services only. no for sale individually

What is the price for printing?

Our prices based on your quantity...
Quantity Price per meter Notes
1m up to 20m $18 Meters order accepted
21m up to 99m $12 Meter order accepted
Up to 4 Rolls $5 Order accepted only by Roll
5 Rolls up to 20 Rolls $4 Order accepted only by Roll
More than 20 Roll Please call Order accepted only by Roll

Roll size is vary from 40m to 60m

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