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  • maximum file size allowed is 5MB

  • Maximum allowed file size is 5MB

  • Maximum allowed file size is 5MB

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Repeat Layout Options

Option 1: Centered:

Your uploaded design will be printed in the center of your fabric order. Note: The image will only appear center once on the fabric

Option 2: Repeat

Your design will be repeated to fill the entire area of fabric you have ordered. We will not change the dimensions of your image.

Option 3: Half Drop

Your design will be repeated with a half-drop up as you move to the right, and will fill the area of your fabric order. Each step (or tile) to the right is elevated 1/2 step.

Option 4: Half Brick

Your design will be repeated in half-steps to the right as you move upward on the fabric. We won't stop repeating your design until your fabric is completely covered.

Option 5: Mirrored

Monroe has flipped! Your design will be "flopped" on both the "x" and "y" axis and repeated across the fabric.