Vellato Tex is usually sell out its catalogs. However the books themselves we do distribute them for free in local market and near overseas good customers.

If you believe yourself that you are a business owner and you can run semi daily orders from our website then you are one of our targeted customer who we should give the catalogs for free. But daily we are getting allot of inquiries for getting the books for free. While those books are unbelievable expensive but we still can look to the request from reputable companies like you.

Kindly fill this form and click submit to ask for your free collection of books. Once you submit your application kindly allow three business days for verification.


You will have one of these options:

1- Best option: We will send you some books and we will pay for the shipping charges.

2- Shipping charge option: we will send you the books. But we will ask you to pay for shipping charges. We do ship our books by only DHL r similar reputable worldwide shippers. So if you are okay to pay for 6KG shipment fees per book then you are on board.

3- Ask for deposit plus shipping charges: We will ask you to pay something in advance for our books plus the shipping charges. We will refund this amount to you after six months or a size of business that is equal to $1000 USD per book.

If you don’t want to submit any application then you can directly buy our books from the store by clicking here.




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  • Help Since your company do home textile and furniture please show us some of your finished delivered successful orders.

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